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  • CTL-800 Model High Speed Metal Coil Cut To Length Line

CTL-800 model high speed metal coil cut to length line




This is a compact high speed metal coil cut to length line, as it had set pit to reserve loops, line speed comes Max. 25m/min, suitable for 0.3-2.0mm thickness Max. 800mm width, it can be used to process CR, HR, SS, GI, Aluminum etc.



Comprising the CTL

1)800 model heavy decoiler with loading car

2)800 model precious straightener with support bridge

3)800 model servo feeder with hydraulic shear


Brief introduction of each part

1.800 model heavy decoiler with loading car

a) Material max width of 800mm, material width of 0.5-2.5mm.

b) Gantry type mechanical tailstock arm device. It equips with gantry support arm device, it can hold main shaft’s one end firmly, ensure it has large loading capacity of over 10Tons (refer to following image). Coil was fixed by 4pcs “A” shaft.

c) Press arm device. It was used to press coil surface to prevent coil too loose.

d) Motorized model. Equipped with 5.5kw motor to payoff strips. Power was transmitted from motor, reducer, chains, spindle etc.

e) Payoff speed: It equips with inverter, payoff speed can be adjusted of 1-25m/min.

f) Loop was control by sensor bar device. When strips touch sensor bar, machine will stop to payoff strips, on the contrary, when strips left the sensor bar, machine will start to payoff strips again. There is sensor wire connecting the sensor bar to the control box.

g) Hydraulic expansion.  The mandrel can expand & contract by hydraulic, saving labor power. Mandrel was expanded and drew back by hydraulic, as machine equipped with hydraulic station and hydraulic cylinder.

h) 10T loading car. It was used to load, carry, lift and install coils on decoiler’s mandrel automatically. Vertical movement driven by hydraulic cylinder, horizontal movement driven by hydraulic motor.



2.800 model precision straightener with support bridge

a) It equips with inverter , machine’s payoff speed is adjustable and varies from 1m/min to 15m/min. Low voltage components come from Schneider/OMRON.

b) It equips with 9pcs straightening rollers (upper 5pcs lower 4pcs). Roller material adopted 40Cr, all finished heat treatment, hard chrome plated and grind etc. Roller surface hardness comes 58-62°. Then it can come to perfect straightening performance.

c) It adopts worm gear device to adjust straightening roller gap.

d) Sensor bar device.  the decoiler can payoff strips automatically. There is yellow wire connecting the sensor frame and the control box, when material touch the sensor fame, machine stop to payoff strips, on the contrary, when strips left the sensor frame, decoiler start to payoff strips again.

e) It equips with hydraulic support bridges both at straightener’s entrance and exit. They were used to support and guide strips, so as to convenient to insert strip head into straightener and feeder part.




3. 800 model servo feeder with hydraulic shear