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Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine

Haiwei coil fed laser cutting machines can automatically complete decoiling, straightening, feeding, and cutting processes. Because the processes are continuous, the working efficiency is significantly improved. The processed metal coils will be automatically sent to the unloading system, where they will automatically be palletized according to material width. This means users do not need to separate treated metal coils. Our coil fed laser cutting machines operate quickly with exceptional processing quality. With the development of the laser industry and the continuous maturity of the manufacturing system, coil fed laser cutting machines have played a huge role in practical applications with unique advantages and technical characteristics.

Coil Fed Laser Cutting Machine

As the name suggests, our coil fed laser cutting machines allow manufacturers to produce parts directly from coils. The process consists of unwinding coils, correcting coil defects, and cutting configured blanks. System components include the uncoiler, strip correction, and precision fiber laser module. Finished part handling, an automation control system, and auxiliary equipment are also provided. These are mainly to assist the coil fed laser blanking in loading, feeding, and powering processes.

Continuous Cutting Production, High Utilization Rate

After the coil is uncoiled and leveled, it is fed into the rotary table of the coil fed laser cutting machine by the feeder for cutting. With the movement of the worktable, the process of cutting while feeding can be realized, which effectively shortens the cutting time of parts and improves the efficiency of the equipment. The production of the coil fed laser cutting machine is flexible and can respond to the changing needs of production at any time. When the required parts are changed, the two-dimensional graphics can be modified through the programming software, and the required parts can be cut without changing the hardware structure of the equipment. Coil fed laser blanking has the flexibility of producing different products.

Function of Automatic Typesetting

The coil fed laser blanking has the function of automatic typesetting to reduce the generation of excess waste. The required parts are simulated and automatically arranged on the computer, so as to reduce the generation of waste as effectively as possible and reduce the production cost. The production process is automated, which effectively reduces labor costs. The use of coil fed laser blanking has fewer consumables and high material utilization rate, thereby further reducing the cost of the entire production line.