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Cut to Length Line

Haiwei provides all kinds of economic metal cut to length lines that are made up of uncoiler, straightener, feeder, shearing machine, conveyor and economic stacking system. To get high speed, the uncoiler is designed as a big loop, and the straightener is driven by a servo motor. The max cut to length line speed can achieve 60m/min. Metal cut to length line is used for processing coiled metals into precise length pieces for resale or further processing. Cut to length line typically incorporates a number of machines to provide value-added services while processing coil to piece. Metal cut to length is popular all over the world.

Cut to Length Line

A cut to length line includes processes like uncoiling, straightening, measuring, cross-cutting to length and stacking of various coils such as cold or hot rolled carbon steel coils, tin plate coils, stainless steel coils, and aluminium coils. According to the customer’s demand for speed and precision, Haiwei provides different cut to length lines for customers. Haiwei is a company specialized in metal cut to length line. With years of development, we have achieved a good reputation in the field of cut to the length line industry.

Process of Cut to Length Line

The cut to length production line has many steps including coil loading, uncoiling rolled metal material, straightening of the strip end of the material, rough straightening, loop, and fine straightening by the vertical roller. After these procedures, the shear cutting is performed. Finally, it is possible to stack the cut materials by human or automated systems to easily load them onto delivery trucks or put them in stock. Haiwei's metal cut to length lines are designed to produce the most accurate lengths and perfectly flat sheets or plates.

Cut to Length Line Advantages

Many industries may use the cut to length line machine for metal processing. Haiwei metal cut to length line has many advantages. The cut to length line can be fed and use the AC servo drive. It has a complete digital length control system to ensure fast positioning without errors. Besides, the cut to length line can be used together with a hydraulic shear or an air-clutch shear to carry out fast shearing and convenient clearance adjustment. The metal cut to length line is suitable for hot rolling carbon steel, tinplate, stainless steel, and other kinds of metals with coated surfaces.