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  • High Speed Metal Steel Plate Blanking Line

High Speed Metal Steel Plate Blanking Line



It's a high speed metal plate blanking line actual speed comes 30m/min. (feed length 1848mm, 16pcs/min.). It was comprised of one set NCHW1-800 model 3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder+ one set punch machine with blanking dies + 1 set conveyor belt + 1 set compact stacker. It adopted servo motor to payoff coils at decoiler part, no need to set PIT between decoiler and straightener feeder part (Refer to Picture No. 1 ). So it can ensure payoff coils in high speed and save cost of pit part etc. Normal is AC motor+ speed reducer to payoff strips at decoiler part and set deep PIT between decoiler and straightener feeder so as to stock enough loops. (Refer to Picture No. 2)
Picture No. 1
Picture No. 2
It equips with extra encoder to modify feeding error (Refer to Picture No. 3). As feeding length is long, feed speed is fast, moreover, it doesn't equip with centering pins in the mold. So it's difficult to ensure precision feeding accuracy if WITHOUT EXTRA ENCODER. It connects PLC of the extra encoder, it can feedback actual feeding length to PLC and then PLC give signal to feeding roller to modify feeding error. It can ensure 0.2mm feeding accuracy/2000mm feed length.
Picture No. 3
Advantages and usage of extra encoder
Through measure actual feed length, feedback to control system and compensate the feed length, to be used for correcting feeding error and then improve feeding accuracy.
Use area
a.For feed length over 1000mm and accumulative error is out of specification, it can achieve precision feeding accuracy by adding extra encoder.
b.It doesn’t equip with pilot pins of progressive dies that it can’t be corrected feeding error In each pitch and accumulated feeding error. 
c.Other situation which requires high feeding accuracy.


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