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2 in 1 Decoiler Straightener

2 in 1 decoiler straightener integrates the decoiling and straightening processes into a single machine to maximize productivity and save operator time, which has been designed with space-saving configurations and superior flattening capabilities, along with features that enable easy cleaning and maintenance. It is also impressed for their short set up times and high system availability. The applicable scope that material width range from 0.1mm to 6.0mm and material thickness range from 50mm to 1000mm can satisfy every requirement of metal stamping operations. According to coil material features, a variety of coil straightener that you can choose from perfectly meet the different need.

1. Special straightening rolls enabl.

2. Coil straightener to achieve consistently excellent straightening results.

3. User-friendly console and structure allow easy cleaning and maintenance.

4. We can also customize straightener according to your decoiler machine demand.