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Fully Automatic N95 Head Straps Face Mask Making Machine

Main Features for HAIWEI N95 fully automatic mask machine (head straps and nose foam type)

1. Total fully automatic control
2. Head straps other than ear-loop
3. Automatically stick sponge strip
4. Siemens control system
5. Remote technical support
6. Automatically Printing
7. Full servo system

8. N95 mask machine can be connected to automatic film packing, box packing and carton packing line




Producing Process

4-6 layers fabric coil payoff – nose bridge feeding, cut and insert to fabric –combined fabric embossing and welding – printing – Nose foam pasting  - fabric folding – scrap recoiling –head straps welding with 2 unit – edge sealing welding – final product.


Critical Components Brand


Electrical parts电子元件



Servo motor伺服马达



Motion Controller运控






 Linear guide线性导轨



Optical fiber光纤; Amplifier 放大器

Omron; Panasonic 欧姆龙,松下


Touch screen触屏

Siemens 西门子






Remote technical support

This device is for internet connection, it can be connected by wifi or normal internet cable.
With internet connection, we can give technical support on program from China office.


CE Certification


Final Product



Advantage of HAIWEI N95 fully automatic mask machine (head straps and nose foam type)

1.Competitor's line in market
a)Most line is aluminum profile structure. This kind of structure is too soft, the line is very long and the running pulling strength is very big, the line will be a little shake, it make the line not stable.
b)No motor in uncoiling payoff process, it means the fabric was pulled by the body machine, the pulling strength will hurt the fabric and loose filtration efficiency. N95 is not like disposable mask, it requires very high filtration efficiency. We do all what we can to protect the original material.
c)Each action of the line runs in synchronously. Including embossing, nose bridge insert, nose bridge cut, nose foam pasting, head straps welding, side sealing etc. All the process should be well controlled in order. Most of line design adopts mechanical adjustment to synchronously running in each process. Mechanical adjustment is very difficult, and also not stable, because of the mechanical parts precision. The accumulated tolerance makes the synchronously running changed and gets bad performance. After running half hour or 1 hour, you need to adjust the precision again, and when you adjust it, so many process adjustment takes a lot of time and only very professional technicians can do this job. You also can’t get good precision products.
d)Some of line is not running in continuously model. It stops in each mask welding. It cause 3 problem. The first is the fabric is pulled and then stopped and then pulled and then stopped, it hurt the material, effect the filtration efficiency performance. The second problem is the ultrasonic unit working in intermittent mode, it makes the ultrasonic start, off, start, off, it makes the welding not stable, it gets poor welding performance. The third problem is both cut will not fully keep the same shape, so the connection area will not smoothly, the mask shape will not be perfect.
e)This kind of line, they can't give good maintenance. You will be in trouble to start this kind of machine, because it's too difficult to start, it needs very skilled technician to work for it.
f)No nose foam pasting in the machine.
2.Haiwei machine advantage
a)Our machine is welded steel structure. It's solid and very strong. Our main plate adopts 7075 aluminum material, very strong and no rust. Each part of the machine fixed by solid plate, fixed by pin and screw, very stable and no any movement in running.
b)Our uncoiler was driven by servo motor, there are 6pcs servo motor in 6 main spindle. The uncoiling speed is exactly same as body machine, fabric uncoiling without any unexpected force, very smoothly.
c)Each action of the line, embossing, nose bridge insert, nose bridge cut, nose foam pasting, head straps welding, side sealing all are controlled by separate servo motor. The synchronously working is controlled by Siemens controller (imported from Germany). It's called electrical cam in this system, each servo motor running in order according to electrical cam setting. It's stable and never be changed. Easy to operate and no more adjustment.
d)Haiwei line running in continuously mode, all the process keep equal speed to keep same tension to the fabric, no any changing. The ultrasonic working in continuously mode, no stop and start, so the welding quality is stable and ultrasonic welding performance is keep always the same. Because of the same tension of fabric, no changing the position, so the cut edge is totally controlled. Our servo motor can hold the fabric after stop the machine (not turn off the power), so the tension still there when you work off one day and start at the second day. No need more adjustment, easy to handle.
e)Our machine equipped with remote controller, we can use our computer to connect the machine to adjust the machine any time you need. Because most of adjustment is by parameter setting, we can give big support on the line setting and training and maintenance. 
f)You can see our nose foam working very smoothly. We can take a long time video to show you the stability. Only because of the video size, we can't send too long time video. If necessary, we can run in our workshop and in time show to you. We have confidence to show.
If you have ever had the privilege of using a N95 mask making machine then you know how easy they can be to use and how productive they can be. A N95 mask making machine can make many different types of masks and they can even be used in cleaning applications. There are many different types of masks that can be produced by a N95 machine, which is why you will want to take some time to find out more information about them before you commit to buying one of these machines. If you take the time to read this article then you will discover details about the N95 mask machine that you are interested in purchasing.

A N95 mask machine is often used by medical facilities to make a disposable face mask for patients who are suffering from allergies. These masks help to prevent people who are allergic to dust, pollen, and other allergens from breathing in harmful substances. The disposable face masks produced by a semiautomatic n95 mask make machine can be used to cover a patient's nose, mouth, and chin. You will want to take some time to find out more information about a semi automatic machine and what it can do for your business before you decide to purchase one of these masks.

The semi-automatic mask making machine that is available can make many different types of masks for different purposes as well. You will want to take the time to learn more about a semi-automatic machine and what it can do for your business before you decide to invest in one of these products. It is important to take the time to find out as much information as possible about the n95 machine that you are interested in purchasing before you buy it. By taking the time to do your research you will be able to make an informed decision about the product that you are going to purchase and you will be able to get the most benefits from it as well.

The next thing that you need to know is exactly what the machine that you are interested in purchasing is capable of. The N95 mask forming making machine... is capable of producing a wide variety of masks for the purposes of respiratory protection. In addition, the machine is capable of being able to make a very professional looking visor and it can also produce custom made paper facemasks. The versatility of this machine is amazing and it is one of the most useful products that you will ever purchase. The semi-automatic mask making machine... comes with a very large price tag but if you take the time to find details about the unit, you will quickly realize that it is well worth every penny. The machine is made out of high quality materials and it is made to last. You will be able to find detailed information about the unit online and in many cases you will even be able to buy it used if it is in excellent condition. You will be able to benefit from using this machine for a very long time and when you decide to upgrade to the fully semi-automatic mask making machine you will have something that you can truly be proud of.

This product offers so much versatility and functionality in one small package. The semi-automatic mask machine is amazing and it can help you make sure that you have quality products that you can rely on. If you are in the market for a new breathing mask then you should seriously consider using the N95 face masking machine. This is the best product that you will ever own and it will help you be a better professional than you ever imagined possible.
Having become a fashion and safety necessity in 2020.If you are searching for a N95 mask making machine, there are a number of factors that you need to consider before purchasing one. These factors include your budget, your operating costs, and the kind of work that you are interested in. For businesses, operating costs are much more significant. Even if you are starting a small business, you still have overhead expenses such as rent and utilities. If you are interested in using a mask making machine to make masks in bulk, then you will need to factor in your labor costs as well. If you can perform the work at home, you will save on your operating costs since you don't need to pay to park your car.

Q. Why do I need a N95 mask making machine? A. Because the machines manufactured by the manufacturers are designed to use the most up-to-date technology when manufacturing masks.

The N95 brand contains the latest technology when it comes to manufacturing masks.

Q. How do I weld my n95 masks automatically?

A. To ensure that your masks come out looking neat and perfect, you should place the mask templates underneath each mask before you start welding them.

Q. Is a N95 mask making production line feasible? A. In order for a mask making production line to be effective, there are several important components that need to be included within the machine: the machine feeder, the clamping & holding area for your mask templates, a servo motor, and an accurate servo motor control circuit.

Q.Can I make non-woven masks with my mask machine? A. A non-woven mask is only applicable for production use and it can't be used for applications that require a sturdier and tougher mask. If you want to avoid any possible damage to your welded wire, it is suggested that you use an automatic feeding machine to feed the material. It is also important to keep in mind that although CNC machines can weld through both types of mask, non-woven does have a stronger bond and is obviously more durable than the woven variety.
N95 Mask is the internationally accepted name for non-woven carbon nanotube mask. It has the capability to prevent dust from entering into the worker's eyes and thereby reduce the risk of occupational exposure to hazardous dust. These masks are used in all sorts of industries such as paper and pulp mills, textile mills, food processing plants, automotive plants, chemical plants, power generation, petroleum refineries, steel mills etc. The material of these masks is made of fiber glass, polycarbonate or carbon nano tubes.

A N95 mask making machine is a portable appliance that is equipped with a standard sized non-ferrous input. It is capable of printing non-ferrous masks that are flat on one side and have a centrally located hole for attachment of a seal. Single or double-sided folding n95 masks automatically form a perfect seal around the whole surface area.
This machine is a fully automatic n95 mask making machine that can produce a variety of standard non-ferrous masks in different sizes, configurations, colors, and materials. With the aid of this machine an operator can increase the size of the hole. It is easily attached to the mandrels of standard size non-ferrous masks and produce identical masks on both sides. An automatic n95 mask making machine is a portable appliance that is equipped with a standard sized non-ferrous input. It is capable of printing single or double-sided non-ferrous masks that are flat on one side and have a centrally located hole for attachment of a seal. Single or double-sided folding n95 masks instantly form a perfect seal around the whole surface area.

Folding n95 masks can also be produced using ultrasonic waves. Using ultrasonic waves, it is very easy to make masks that have detailed textures such as wood, plastic, rubber and other similar materials. An automated mask machine consists of two major parts: a control system and a print head. The control system contains the necessary circuitry for activating the print head and providing the operator with the desired result. The print head is an electrically powered machine that produces high quality masks. A computer-controlled trigger activates the machine through a computer-like command and control system. Once activated, the machine embarks on the operation and produces the desired output in no time at all.

The most important advantage of using a medical device is that there are a greater safety and reliability in the production of high quality medical devices. This is because the devices are designed and manufactured to meet and pass the highest quality standards of safety and reliability. It is also very important that the device should also be durable and long lasting. The main goal of any surgical mask making production machine is to provide excellent protection to the wearer during surgery or procedure. It should be capable of protecting the wearer against all possible injuries and exposure to dangerous situations. A surgical mask is considered as one of the most critical equipment used in any surgical procedure.

Another advantage of using an automated mask machine is that it reduces costs of production. In most cases, it can greatly reduce the operational costs of a hospital by more than 50%. This means that instead of buying several different machines, one would just need to purchase one n95 mask machine. Since the machine is designed to efficiently control production efficiency, it also increases the profitability of any surgical department.

Apart from increased profitability, operating an n-95 mask machine with the help of an automatic n-95 mask making machine also provides great comfort to the wearer. In most instances, these masks are used during delicate and deep tissue surgeries. They are made with utmost care to prevent any damages to the skin or to the internal organs of the patient. Therefore, you will never have to worry about wearing uncomfortable masks again.

If you have a thriving business at home and want to boost it further, you should buy a face mask making machine. Face masks are used by different people for various purposes. If you are a surgeon, then face mask like the disposable plastic surgical masks is essential to practice surgery. Therefore, buying face mask making machine will give you a competitive edge over other surgeons.

Before buying the face mask making machine, you should understand its specifications and usage. So before buying one, identify the purpose and specifications of your business. Identifying the exact specification of the machine you are looking for is essential as it is the only thing that will determine the quality and durability of the equipment. Once you know what you need, you can easily browse through various types of face masks available and pick the one that meets your requirement. Here are some of the details regarding the machine.

The important thing you should know is that there are various sizes available in the face mask machines. The prices of these machines also vary from one another depending upon their sizes. Hence, you should shop around to get the best deal.