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This is an automated stamping line for Chinese Tesla Motors accessories. Due to the aluminum material, the product surface requirements are very high. More importantly, there is oil on the surface of the raw material, accuracy is not guaranteed, we have solved this technical problem, has been recognized and praised by customers.


This model is NHW3-1600A high-tension 3-in-1 decoiler straightener feeder, which consists of uncoiler, loading car, leveling machine, hydraulic shear, and tail material feeder.


1.Uncoiler function description: uncoiling is to fix the material coil on the expanding and shrinking part of the main shaft of the material rack. In the automatic operation, through the control instruction of the material ring, the spindle rotates uncoiling and uncoiling, the diameter of the ultrasonic coiling is measured, the rotation speed of the motor is automatically adjusted and controlled to realize the tension control and keep the constant tension in the uncoiling process.Press arm: The role of the press arm is: cut off the coil of the fixed binding tape until the front end of the coil is bitten into the leveling machine, to prevent material rebound.


2. Coil car function description: The coil car is fixed at the center of the bottom foot of the material rack, and the material is lifted and lowered by hydraulic cylinder, so that the material inner diameter is aligned with the center of the main shaft, and the material rack is moved manually to realize the loading function



3. leveling machine function description: the principle of reverse bending is used to release the bending stress of the material in order to straighten the plate, and the material is fed into the shearing machine according to the set length and speed .Correction Roll: 11 × Φ96MM (upper 6 lower 5) leveling roll is made of GCR15. After quenching and tempering, the surface is hardened with HRC60 °-62 ° finishing treatment.Feeding Roller: 2(Φ144MM × 2) medium frequency quenching + hard chromium plating, surface hardness HRC60 ± 2
Front and rear guide roller: 2 groups of guide roller, 1 group each before and after leveling machine, stop roller amplitude adjustment mode: Manual