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Brief Introduction:
This is an automatic metal circle/disc blanking line with auto. Stacker exported to India.

Comprising of the line:
1. MT-1300 model Heavy decoiler with coil car: 1set
2. Support bridge: 2 set
3. ZNCF-1300 model zigzag servo feeder: 1set
4. Conveyor belt: 2set
5. Scrap use mechanical shear: 1set
6. Metal disc auto. Stacker: 1set

Production line main feature:
1. It suitable to blank different size disc and several blanking ways for reference, don’t need to adjust mechanical part, just need to put in production data in the touch screen of the HMI.
2. The feeding line was controlled by PLC, running synchronously with power press with high production efficiency.
3. Full automatically. It was automatic from coil paying off, strips fed to power press, metal discs were collected by the stacker, scraps were cut to pieces etc.

1300 Pendulum 02 1300 Pendulum 02
1300 Pendulum 03 1300 Pendulum 03
1300 Pendulum 04 1300 Pendulum 04
1300 Pendulum 05 1300 Pendulum 05
1300 Pendulum 06 1300 Pendulum 06
1300 Pendulum 07 1300 Pendulum 07