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What is the Advantages of Flip-Top Stock Straightener

  • source:coilfeed;
  • Time:09/25/2018

HAIWEI is the leading coil handling machine supplier in China. Supplies stamping machines such as straightener feeder,decoiler, transfer press machines etc. There are many advantages of these machines. The design of flip-top stock straightener works well during the production time.

flip top straightener  feeder

In practice of stamping industry, we may encounter the following problem: The metal scrap are easy to stick on straightening rollers and difficult to clean them off, especially for soft metal such as Aluminum, copper etc. Or straightener machine does not use in a long time, there may be some dust stick on straightening roller surface, difficult to clean it for normal straightener machine. How to solve this problem?

Flip-top stock straightener can well solve this problem. Straightener head can open some angles, driven by hydraulic cylinders or air cylinders after straightener head opened to Max. Position, fix the open part by fix security bar, the operator can clean the straightening rollers.

Warning: Power must be turn off and hang warning card at control box to prevent other people turn on the power switch.

After straightening rollers finish cleaning, close the straightening head and fasten straightener head with 4pcs screws at each side walls.

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