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The Collocation And Superiority Of the Servo Zigzag Feeder

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  • Time:10/31/2018

The servo zigzag feeder is mainly paired with a heavy uncoiler, a leveling machine, a punch, and a feeding device to form a circular stamping production line, replacing the traditional model of gradual stamping along the extension direction of the material, reducing the production of stamping corner materials and reducing production processes. Save time and energy. Lower production cost greatly improves production efficiency.

servo zigzag feeder



The principle of the circular stamping production line consisting of a servo zigzag feeder is as follows: the roll material is placed on a heavy uncoiler, and the roll is sent to the leveling machine through its unwinding, and the material after leveling is entered into the feed machine. While controlling the distance and speed of the material through the material forward conveyor, the material lateral translation distance is controlled by the lateral translation drive device. In this way, when the first stamping is completed on the steel plate belt, the servo zigzag feeder device can drive the movable frame to translate horizontally through the lateral translation drive device, which in turn drives the appropriate distance for the literal translation of the steel plate belt. The stamping die is first stamped one by one along the horizontal layout direction. When the first row of stamping is completed, the lateral translation drive device drives the moving frame and the material to translate the appropriate distance horizontally. After the material forward conveying device drives the material to advance at the appropriate distance, the lifting stamping die is followed by the second row of stamping work. According to the size of the stamping aperture and the width of the steel plate, by accurately calculating the distance between each lateral translation and the distance of advance, the gap between the various stamping holes formed on the steel plate can be minimized. In order to effectively reduce the corner waste and reduce the waste of raw materials.

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