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Test Preparations Before Shipping Projects' Machines

  • source:coilfeed;
  • Time:11/29/2021

Each project’s machines will be well tested before shipping out. 

What’s the jobs we do for the testing item, please?


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Step 1: Assembly department will well assembly the machine based on the drawings and ensure each part runs smoothly manually during assembly. Meanwhile, electrical engineers will install electric board, control panel, electric cabinet etc. in the machine. Quality staff should take care the whole assembly process.


Step 2: After finish step 1’s jobs, electric engineers will put in program in PLC, HMI, servo drivers, then set and adjust data in the program so as to ensure the whole line runs smoothly such as mechanical parts, pneumatic parts, hydraulic parts and electrical parts etc. Quality staff should take care the whole process.


Step 3: Final check by workshop manager, project engineer, quality staff, international sales etc. It will be well checked each part based on order’s quality checking report. This report is based on the contract between seller and customer, including several items: such as mechanical parts checking, pneumatic parts checking, hydraulic parts checking, electrical parts checking, machine’s voltage, machine’s color, machine’s logo, name plate information etc.


After the above process, we will take test videos and share them to the customers for checking. If the buyer can install and operate the machines by themselves, we will prepare and provide the customer necessary documents for buyer’s reference, such as install manual, operation manual, maintenance sheet, electric drawings etc. If the buyer needs the seller to dispatch engineers come to buyer’s factory overseas, the seller can arrange engineers come to buyer’s factory to do commissions, but it should be charged by the seller on round tickets cost, visa cost, accommodation cost, engineers labor cost etc.