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Shipping Out Of 1600 Model Trapezoidal Blanks Cut To Length Line

  • Time:06/20/2022

It’s ready to ship out of the 1600 model trapezoidal blanks cut to length line from Dongguan HAIWEI’s factory in Dongguan, China. The trapezoidal blanks cut to length line equips one set swing shear which can swings and cut trapezoidal blanks, widely used in stamping auto parts area, metal electrical appliances parts etc. It has advantages of cost saving, space saving, high efficiency etc. if just cut into trapezoidal shape blanks than blanking by punching machine blanking line, as it cost much higher of punching machine than swing shear machine.


Main components of the cut to length line

  1. One set 1600 model 3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder.
  2. One set of swing shear.
  3. One set of conveyor belt.
  4. One set of auto stacking system.

Coil was loaded, lifted and installed on decoiler’s mandrel by the auto loading car, then decoiler payoff strips and insert strip head into straightener feeder part, electric adjust straightener gap device to adjust straightening performance automatically then feed strips to swing shear after processed by straightener feeder part. Next, swing shear cut strips to required trapezoidal shape, next, the blank were carried out by the conveyor belt and come to auto stacking system.

For the swing shear

  • Cutting capacity: 70-1600mm width, 0.5-4.5mm thickness
  • Swing angle: ±45°
  • Cutting accuracy: ±0.5mm


1.Conveyor belt and auto stacking system

It’s PVC belt type conveyor belt, it was used to carry blanks from swing shear’s exit to auto stacking system. Running speed is adjustable as it equips with inverter. For the auto stacking system, It’s designed to laminate and stacking blanks automatically. It can be customized based on blanks shape, laminating height, stacking station quantity etc. or the customer’s requirements.Lamination height can be 500-1000mm or as requirements.