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  • Mask Making Machine, semi automatic earloop welding machine

Semi Automatic Mask Making Ear Loop Welding Machine

Model: N95 Face Mask Making Machine
Place origin: China
Warranty date: 1 year
Installation and debugging: Engineers onsite technical support is available.
Package: plywood case/film
Price terms: FOB SHENZHEN or other Chinese port etc.
Payment terms: T/T
MOQ: 1 set
Delivery: 5 days
Application: semi automatic used for the N95/KN95 and other Medical Surgical Facial Masks making.


Basic Information
1) Model: HWWM-175H
2) Equipment Dimension: 1000m(L)×600mm(W)×1400mm(H)
3) Equipment Color: Standard warm gray 1C (Customizable)
4) Equipment Weight: 95kg
5) Productivity: 20-30pieces/min
6) Det: Optoelectronic sensor
7) Power Supply: AC220V±5﹪(Customizable), 50Hz; Power: about 3Kw
8) Compressed air: 0.6~0.8MPA
9) Environment Requirement: Temperature 10-35℃; Humidity 5-35%HR; 
No flammable and corrosive gas, no dust. 

1) Unique design and rugged construction
2) Easy to operate
3) Able to be used for all kinds of face masks
4) Less maintenance and Longer Lifetimes
5) Equipped with Optoelectronic sensor,and increase productivity


The semi-automatic face mask making machine, also known as the full-auto masking machine, is an advanced part of the fully automatic masking machine. Compared to the latter, the former is far more stable and can achieve a much faster pace to bring about greater productivity. Not only this, the machine covers a larger area with just one operation, which includes coiling, melting, Hemming, threading, cold Melt, and leveling. It is also capable of coiling in a shorter span of time and in addition has greater strength and durability.


In order to get high quality results from the high-quality automatic face mask making machine, it should be well oiled and should be well drained as well. This will ensure that the motor and other equipment such as knobs, plates and screws do not break or get damaged due to long period use. There are a number of models available in the market, which comes in various shapes, sizes and designs. There are many considerations that have to be taken into account when choosing the suitable one such as the model's size, price, specifications, type of material used, motor performance, flexibility, ease of use and its compatibility with other equipment such as air guns and blowers etc.


The production process uses three primary materials: Aluminum alloy, acrylic fiberglass, and polycarbonate sheets. The first one is the most commonly used because of its great resistance towards corrosion. The aluminum alloy material comes complete with all necessary screws and bolts and mounting blocks. The manufacturing unit is then put together with high-quality nylon thread and high-quality rubber. The machine is then tooled for shaping and welding and finally comes complete with operation control system and electrical wiring.


One more automatic manufacturing face mask machine comes complete with dust extractor, which is necessary for removing the fine dust particles that result from the cutting process. It also has a spray head for filling the molds and a large drum for holding the molten mask. There is a control system which helps in running the machinery smoothly and automatically during the entire production process. There is a safety shut off control valve for preventing any accident from happening during the production process. The machine also comes complete with an aluminum alloy plate and brush.


Automatic face mask machines generally come complete with the injection molding machine, which is necessary for manufacturing translucent masks. These are the masks that come with a translucent mask with built-in heat reflective properties. They are normally used for plastic skins of various kinds such as hair masks and latex masks. Another important feature is that the automatic machine helps to cut and shape the molds for manufacturing various kinds of colored masks. There are also some automatic face masks manufacturing machines which help in the production of silicon membranes for medical purposes. Some of these machines also help in making polyvinyl chloride sheets.


In this world where technology changes all the time, it is good to keep with the latest specifications and standards, especially when manufacturing surgical masks. These machines are highly sophisticated and designed with great efficiency to ensure precision and accuracy in every work. It is advisable to purchase such machines from reputed manufacturers to ensure that you get exactly what you pay for.


Equipment Pictures




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High Speed Roll Feeder RFS Series
3 in 1 Decoiler Straightener Feeder NCHW2A (stock thickness 0.5~4.5mm)
Multi - Process Transfer System - Frame Moving Model
3 in 1 Decoiler Straightener Feeder NCHW1 (stock thickness 0.3~3.2mm)
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