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A. Material

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B. Coils

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C. Press

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D. Dies

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E. Application

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F. Equipment Desired

1. Servo Feed
2. Straightener
3. Stock Reel
4. Coil Loading Car
5. Coil Cradle
6. Coil Loading Ramp
7. Hold Down Peeler
8. Threading Table
9. Central Control Console
10. Straightener Feeder
11. Straightener Feeder
12. Cradle Straightener Feeder
13. Other - Describe

G. Plant Utilities

  Volts Phase Cycle

Other Conditions

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  • Plane Mask Machine, Outer Ear Strap Type One Drag One

Plane Mask Machine

Model: Plane Mask Machine(Outer Ear Strap Type One Drag One)
Place origin: China
Warranty date: 1 year
Installation and debugging: Engineers onsite technical support is available.
Package: plywood case/film
Price terms: FOB SHENZHEN or other Chinese port etc.
Payment terms: T/T
MOQ: 1 set
Delivery: 5 days
Application: Plane Mask Machine(Outer Ear Strap Type One Drag One)


Plane Mask Machine(Outer Ear Strap Type One Drag One) Technical Parameters:


One, Product appearance and applicable product types:

1.1 Outer size of the unit
1.Raw material Coiling machine        
2.Flat mask cutting machine        
4.Earloop welding machine        
5.Conveyor machine         


Two, device description:

Serial number Name Content  Remark
2.1 Equipment function The one-tow-one-plane mask machine is composed of 1 material coiling machine, 1 plane mask cutting machine, 1 set of connection machine and 1 earloop welding unit. It can automatically complete the body shaping of the mask, automatically add the nose bridge bar, weld the ear loop and automatically count.The product concept: easy to use, stable and reliable, with good versatility, compatibility, and cost performance.  
2.2 Range of application It is suitable for the mask with outer ear and flat surface under 4 layers (without sealing edge);Size of mask: 17.5cm*9.5cm (adult)  
2.3 Functional characteristics ◆The main body adopts high precision servo motor with high speed, smooth movement and high precision.
◆The levelness of the feeding mechanism can be adjusted
◆High universality of the whole mechanism, product change quickly
◆High rigid structure is adopted to improve the overall stability of the equipment.
2.4 Action process ◆Manually load the pp spunbonded non-woven material coil and the nose wire coil into the material rack. At the beginning, several layers of non-woven fabric laminates and the nose wire are inserted into the transmission mechanism respectively by the manual lead.
◆The non-woven fabric and nose line are driven forward by the transmission mechanism, and then folded, pressed, cut and shunted to the earloop welding machine
◆Solder the earloop through the earloop welding machine


Three, Equipment installation parameters:

Serial number Name Content  Remark
3.1  Outline dimension  Machine length: 4313mm
Machine width: 3349mm
Machine height: 1985mm
3.2 Total weight 1000KG  
3.3 Equipment form Floor model  
3.4 Operating height of equipment Height from ground to workbench: 850mm The height of assembly line and foot stand can be adjusted
3.5 Power supply and power interface Single-phase AC220V/50Hz/6000W is a three-pin plug  
3.6 Working pressure and interface 0.5 ~ 0.7mpa, dry air source φ12mm fast plug  
3.7 Gas consumption 250L/min  


Four, Equipment layout and production process:


Five, Equipment performance Introduction:

Serial number Name Content  Remark
5.1 Tact time =/>50pcs/min  
5.2 Yield ≥98% Material and personnel factors are excluded
5.3 Activation ≥90%  
5.4 Precision ±0.2mm Exclude the influence of process, material, environment and other factors



Serial number Name Content  Remark
6.1 Safety self-check function of equipment Trouble warning, convenient maintenance  
6.2 Buzzer Troubleshooting tips  
6.3 Three-color working indicator light Working status prompt  
6.4 Leakage protection function Protect operators and equipment  
6.5 emergency stop button Emergency shutdown of equipment operation  



Seven, Documentation and after sales service: 

Serial number Name Content  Remark
7.1 Documentation One copy of machine operation instruction  
7.2 Training content  ◆Equipment installation and adjustment
◆Equipment operation and safety
◆Equipment tuning and parameter setting
◆Equipment maintenance
◆Troubleshooting equipment frequently
◆Other Matters needing attention
7.3 After-sales service  Free after-sales service within one year (non-human failure and damage), provide lifelong technical support and service  



Eight, Random distribution:

Serial number Name Content  Remark
8.1 Debugging tool   tool cabinet 1  
8.2   internal hexagonal wrench  1  
8.3   monkey wrench 1  
8.4   open spanner 1(Cylinder regulating magnetic switch)  
8.5   Screw driver with single port 1  
8.6   Port cross screwdriver 1  
8.7 Reserve part  Magnetic switch, optical fiber, connector, etc See shipping list for details.



Nine, Major outsourcing brands:

Serial number Name Content  Remark
1 Servo drivers  XINJIE  
2 Servo motor Panasonic/SHENWU  
4 Pneumatic XINJIE  
5 Pressure gage  XINJIE  
6 Optoelectronic switch Panasonic/SHENWU  
7 Touch screen Weinview  
8 Fiber optic/amplifier KEYENCE/Panasonic  





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