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Pass Line Height Adjust Method Practicing In NC Servo Roll Feeder

  • source:coilfeed;
  • Time:09/19/2018

In practice of automatic feeder for power press, there are usually 3 kinds of pass line height adjustment method.

First method: NC servo roll feeder main machine was installed and hang on power press’s bolster directly. There is a adjust screw installed in the mounting plate, loosen the fixed bolt, turn the adjusting screw to adjust pass line height, at last, tighten fix bolt

           NC servo roll feeder         NC servo feeder main machine fixed on bolster

The second method: Adjust support steel frame height to adjust pass line height. For bigger size servo feeder, it doesn’t suitable to hang the main machine on the bolster, because the machine is big in size and heavy, it needs to equip a set of steel support frame. Pass line height can be adjusted via adjusting 4 screws on steel frame’s four corners. Please refer to the following image.

steel support frame used in NC servo feeder

The third method: Add worm screw elevator based in steel support frame. Worm screw elevator also called QWL or SWL. Just need to crankshaft bar to adjust pass line height, very convenient, furthermore, it also can add a small motor to drive the SWL to replace the manual crank.

worm screw elevator used in NC servo roll feeder

For a model of less than NCF-500, the servo feeder main machine can be installed on bolster directly, like the first method, for a bigger model than NCF-500, it can adopt the second and third method. If there are several mold use in one power press, mold line height different, so it’s a good choice to add a worm screw elevator like in the third method.