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NCHW3-400B Model 3 In 1 Uncoiler Machine

  • source:coilfeed;
  • Time:07/14/2021

CHTN Group had purchased us 2 set NCHW3-400B model 3 in 1 uncoiler machine of straightener feeder for 0.6-6.0mm thickness in March, 2021. We have finished this order’s machines and arranged engineers to install and debug the equipment in the buyer’s factory in July.

The machine is mainly used to produce brass and steel electrical parts, one product is 4.0mm thickness brass parts.

Main configurations of the NCHW3-400B model 3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder for CHTN.

  • 1.5T Loading car.
  • 2.Double limit arm device, 3rd limit arm equipped on press arm(mainly for narrow material).
  • 3.Motorized arm device with follow tracking device. It can adjust press arm wheel’s rolling speed based on coil O.D. so as to coil can payoff smoothly and preventing coil getting too loose.
  • 4.It equip with 1pcs pilot roller besides the 7pcs straightening rollers(upper 4pcs/lower 3pcs), it can improve straightening performance by operating the pilot roller.
  • 5.It equip with scrap shear and auto. Oil feeder. It was used to cut strip head and end for the scrap shear, for the auto. Oil feeder, it was mainly used to roll lubrication oil on strip’s surface, reducing mold temperature and improve product quality. It’s auto. Device, there is cable connect to coil feed line’s PLC, it can work synchronously with coil feed line and power press, that’s to say, as soon as it start of coil feed line, the oil feeder start to feed oil, on the contrary, it can stop feed coil as soon as it stop to work of press and coil feed line. Moreover, oil can be used circularly. Redundant oil can be oil returning system to return, via filter screen then through oil pump to supply oil mass.