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Brief Introduction:
This is a compact stamping press coil feeding line with auto stacker for domestic client, material Max. width comes 1500mm, thickness suitable for 0.5-4.5mm, Max. Coil weight comes 8T, feeding speed of 22m/min.

Comprising of the line:
1. NCHW2-1500B decoiler straightener feeder 3 in 1 machine: 1set
2. Hydraulic shear(installed in the 3 in 1 machine): 1set
3. Conveyor belt: 1set
4. Auto. Stacker: 1set

Main feature of the cutting to length line:
1. Decoiler straightener and servo feeder was combined in one machine, occupying less space and separately. It was driven by servo motor and controlled by PLC.
2. For decoiler part.
Coil car’s loading roller is motorized type, easy for material head feed into straightener, prevent coil from loosening while loading coil and starting uncoiling specially for high strength high elasticity steel.
Xiangtan Blanking Line 09
3. For straighten feeder part.
3.1 It adopted ELECTRIC ADJUSTMENT to adjust the gap between upper straightening roller set and lower straightening roller set.
3 In 1 Space Saver Coil Feed Line NCHW3B 02
3.2 It adopted flip-top device, driven by hydraulic cylinder device, machine head can be opened some angles, convenient for operators to clean straightening rollers, especially suitable for Aluminum, brass etc.
Xiangtan Blanking Line 07
3 In 1 Space Saver Coil Feed Line NCHW3B 03
4 Hydraulic shear. It was mainly used to cut coil tip and end, because the coil tip maybe exist weld point, curved etc, it should be cut off preventing damage stamping dies.
Xiangtan Blanking Line 10

Xiangtan Blanking Line 02 Xiangtan Blanking Line 02
Xiangtan Blanking Line 03 Xiangtan Blanking Line 03
Xiangtan Blanking Line 04 Xiangtan Blanking Line 04
Xiangtan Blanking Line 05 Xiangtan Blanking Line 05
Xiangtan Blanking Line 06 Xiangtan Blanking Line 06
Xiangtan Blanking Line 07 Xiangtan Blanking Line 07