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High tensile coil feed line + 3D transfer system for Ford South African heavy duty stamping line 
It’s automatic stamping line producing auto metal parts used in Ford cars. It was fully automatic of coil feeding to punching machine, workpieces were transferred step by step in the multi transfer molds by 3D transfer system and conveyed out by the PVC conveyor belt.
It was comprised of the following equipment:
1.One set of NCHW2-1500A model high tensile 3 in 1 uncoiler straightener feeder
2.One set of 3D transfer system
3.One set of heavy duty punch machine
4.One set of products conveyor belt
Machine feature of each equipment. For NCHW2-1500A coil feeding line
a)It’s capable of Max. 1500mm width 0.5-4.5mm thickness high tensile, SS, CR, HR, GI etc. material. Yield strength comes 550MPa.
b)It combined decoiler, precision straightener and servo feeder in one machine, it can saving much space than separated decoiler, straightener and servo feeder. Moreover, it was controlled by PLC system such as mechanical parts, hydraulic parts, electrical parts, pneumatic parts etc. So it can achieve fully automatic of coil loading, lifting and installing by coil car, then payoff coil head from decoiler and inserted to straightener feeder automatically at the assistant of support arm, bend arm or coil car.
c)15T capacity for decoiler and coil car
d)It equips with hydraulic tailstock arm device and hydraulic slide block expansion device for decoiler’s mandrel, so as to it can load, expand and fix 15T coils.
e)Straightener part adopt electric adjusting straightener gap, just need to set data in HMI then it can adjust straightener roller gap automatically. Moreover, it equips with encoder connecting machine’s PLC, so it’s high adjusting accuracy of straightening roller gap.
f)It’s optional part of Hydraulic shear to cut strip to length and automatic oil feeder to roll lubrication oil on strip’s surface automatically.
g)It was designed and manufactured based on European standard. We much value and take care of machine’s safety during machine’s carrying, installation, running etc. It was set hanging hooks for carrying, rotated parts were covered by covers and cover color is warning color of yellow. It also painted yellow color of movable part that can’t be covered by covers (Refer to following image). Moreover, it set Emergency button and emergency stop signal connecting to punching machine. If there is any error and need to stop at press, it will stop of coil feed line as soon as press stop, it can also stop immediately if press coil feed line’s Emergency button (Refer to the red button in the operation panel in the following image).
h)It equips with full set of SIEMENS system for straightening feeder part, such as SIEMENS servo motor, SIEMENS servo driver system, SIEMENS PLC, SIEMENS HMI and full set of SCHNEIDER low voltage components.
For 3D transfer system
1)It’s used for multi-transfer molds for the 3D transfer system, it can run in X axis, Y axis and Z axis, so it was called 3D transfer system. It usually equip with 4 sets servo motor for X axis running, 2 sets or 4 sets for Y axis running, 2 sets or 4 sets for Y axis running (Refer to following image).