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Lay Outs of Coil Feeding Machines Overview

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  • Time:06/23/2022
Coil feeding machine is mainly composed of frame, conveyor, oil supply device, discharge mechanism and protection device. Feeder is mainly composed of feeding frame, electric control box and angle frame. Conveyor mainly includes accessories such as motor, gearbox, roller, belt conveyor, material table, material channel, material delivery mechanism and material blocking mechanism. When using the coil feeder, place the sheet to be processed on the platen, and adjust and control the rotation of the feed roller through the electric control box to drive the feeding of the sheet. During the feeding process, the sheet is lifted by the feed rollers on the pallet rack to reduce friction. The two symmetrical limit wheels limit the material to prevent movement, ensuring efficient and precise punching, bending and cutting of sheet metal.


When choosing a coil feeding machine, there are a few things you should consider. These coil feeding machines are designed for smaller spaces and less delicate coil materials. Typically, they are used for middle-sized press strokes and feeding lengths. They also feature a wide variety of optional features. Below, we'll discuss a few of the features that you should consider. This article will help you decide which coil feeding machine is right for you. The compact coil feeding machine is a compact unit combining decoiler, straightener, and feeder machine in one single machine. This machine has highly integrated control in its operations. It uses a PLC modular system, hydraulic station, coil car, servo feeder motor, and spindle to control the feeding process. The compact coil  feeding machine has a movable regulating handle for easy adjustment and is equipped with a variety of advanced quality control measures, including CNC machining, grinding, boring, and various precision testing instruments from Germany and Japan.


Coilfeed's servo coil feeder is equipped with a PLC control system. It can operate either manually or automatically, and has an English-language LCD touch-screen. The feeding speed and length can be adjusted manually or automatically, depending on the user's preference. The servo coil feeder is available as a manual or automatic version, and can also match a press machine as an automatic stamping line. In addition to its automatic features, servo coil feeders are versatile and are designed to work with various kinds of materials. A high-speed coil feeding line combines a HongEr decoiler with a straightener and a Nidec Vamco high-speed servo feeder. The dual-head decoiler features a hydraulic expansion, sturdy structure base, and sensor rack to control high-speed loop feeding. Depending on the coil material, the length of the support bracket can be adjusted to suit different dimensions.


How to choose the right coil feeder ?

Working Precision

The working precision of the feeder is matched to the processing precision required by the process. When selecting parts, the machine tool should be selected according to the machining accuracy requirements. If the accuracy of the rough machining process is low, the low-precision machine tool should be selected, and the requirement precision of the finishing process is high, the high-precision machine tool should be selected. Precision machine tool...


Standard sizes

The main dimensions of the feeder should be adapted to the dimensions of the contour of the part. That is, small parts should be processed by small-sized machine tools, and large-sized parts should be processed by large-sized machine tools, and the equipment should be used reasonably. These are the main considerations when choosing a coil feeder. In addition to the considerations mentioned above, ease of clamping and simple fixture construction are also factors to consider when selecting a press. Before buying a straightener, we recommend that you understand the features and prices of each straightener to help you achieve better efficiency. The above is an introduction to the coil feeder.


From the above information, do you have a deeper understanding of our company's coil feeder? For any product, our company has strict quality control. We can recommend the most suitable coil feeding system to our customers based on coil details such as coil weight, sheet thickness and width, and punching line working speed. automatique. If you would like to know more about our coil feeders or presses, please contact us.