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How To Maintain the Uncoiler/Decoiler Machine

  • source:coilfeed;
  • Time:12/10/2018

The uncoiler/decoiler machine plays a vital role in cut to length line, press feed line and various metal poduction line according to your application. In order to have it used for a longer time, we need to pay more attention to daily maintenance. Some useful tips are as follows.

method of maintaining decoiler machine


1.Regularly oil the decoiler/uncoiler mandrel.
2. It's well to unwind the coils that are within the acceptable parameters.
3. Check if the decoiler/uncoiler mandrel is stuck or abnormal before you start it.
4. Properly operate the decoiler/uncoiler according to the instruction manual and safety regulation.
5. Stop the decoiler/uncoiler immediately when hearing abnormal noises.
6.Each operator that takes charge of different machine in metal production line should closely cooperate with each other.


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