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How To Choose A Suitable Decoiler/Uncoiler

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  • Time:11/27/2018

The decoiler/uncoiler is coil handling equipment used to load and unwind the metal coil. Integrated with coil straightener, servo feeder, shearing machine and press machine, the decoiler/uncoiler can be widely applied to industry of steel vehicles parts, metal stamping products, household appliances, steel structure and decoration.


Haiwei servo feeder machine

The decoiler can be integrated into cut to length line, press feed line and various metal production line according to your application. It is specialized equipment, playing an important role in production lines. The coil is centered by manual or hydraulic expansion of mandrel, and then the rotated spindle feeds the metal strip into straightener. The production lines always start with a decoiler/uncoiler, so its performance has great impact on the whole line. It is essential to choose a suitable decoiler/uncoiler.


A variety of decoiler/uncoiler

There are several decoilers/uncoilers to meet different needs.
1.Motorized decoiler
Equipped with motor, the decoiler can rotates automatically. It is equipped with loop control device to start and stop the drive motor and smoothly pay off material to automatic feeding equipment.
2.Non-motorized decoiler
Non-motorized decoiler should be used with powered equipment to pay off metal strip. It equips with brake to prevent coils overrun.
3.Double head decoiler
Two spindles are installed on a single machine. The metal strip is paying off while the other side can be loaded the next coil increasing productivity.
Besides, there are several optional accessories you can choose to make the decoiler a prefect machine.


How to choose a suitable decoiler machine

When you are choosing a decoiler/uncoiler for your production line, there are something you could take into consideration.
1. Max. Material thickness
2. Max. Material width
3. Max. Coil weight
4. The Coil .I.D. and O.D.
5. Max. Payoff speed
6. Type of mandrel expansion – manual expansion or hydraulic expansion.


Long standing experience and constant development on design and manufacturing have increasingly enhanced the performance of decoiler/uncoiler

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