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How To Adjust The Mechanical Part Of NC Feed Machine

  • source:coilfeed;
  • Time:10/22/2018

Would you know more about NC feed machine ? As the leading NC servo feeder manufacturer in China, Haiwei can tell you how to adjust the mechanical part of NC feed machine.

When the NC feed machine is used with a punch, after the mold is changed, in addition to the simple parameter settings such as the length, frequency, and speed of the NC feed machine touch screen, It is also necessary to adjust a series of mechanical parts according to the height of the actual mold, the width of the material, and the characteristics of the process. These include adjustment of feed line height, adjustment of gear wheel width, adjustment of pressure spring compaction, adjustment of feed thickness, adjustment of feed angle and adjustment of relaxation angle.


1.NC feed line height adjustment. The first step is to adjust the feed line height of the feed machine so that it can be consistent with the die height. The adjustment steps are as follows:

nc feed line height


2.NC feed machine gear wheel width adjustment. The width of the baffle wheel must be adjusted according to the width of the actual material, so that the baffle wheel really plays the role of the baffle limit. The adjustment steps are as follows:

First, loosen the gear wheel lifting handle screw, so that the gear wheel can move left and right through the handle, then relax the NC feed machine drum, put the material between the two stop rollers of the support frame into the feed machine. After passing through, let the material head enter the mold. Finally, using the lifting handle, the baffle wheel is moved to the left and right sides of the material, leaving a gap of about 0.2 mm, and then locking the screw(not to leave the gap completely, it should be easy to use the hand-pumping material after blocking).

NC feed machine


3.NC feeder press spring compression strength adjustment. For different materials thickness of the plate, the pressure of the pressure spring needs to be adjusted so that the material in the feeding machine during the process of skid. The adjustment screw is located below the gear wheel of the NC feed machine. The internal hexagonal wrench knob can be used. Note that the compression force must be moderate, not too large or too small, too large and very pressed material, and too small. There will be skid duringfeed.

NC feeder press


4.NC feed machine feed angle adjustment. Different modes have different stamping processes, and the feed angle is the time when the feed machine starts feeding and the time when the feed ends. It is achieved by adjusting the cam of the punch bed. After adjustment, it is necessary to start feeding when the mold on the punching bed is completely separated from the lower mold, and stop feeding before the upper mold and the lower mold are closed.

NC feed machine relaxation


5.NC feed machine relaxation angle adjustment. The mechanical NC is to relax with the mold processing process. When the mold guide needle is inserted into the material, it is opened to relax. When the mold guide needle leaves the material, it stops relaxing. By adjusting the length of the loosening screw of the loosening bracket fixed to the punch slide by the feeder, when the loosening screw touches pilot release lever, it can be loose.


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