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Brief Introduction of Double Side Oil Feeder Used in Hardware Stamping Industry

  • source:coilfeed;
  • Time:03/06/2019

Why it has to add double side oil feeder when stamping hardware? There are several factors. One factor is it can increase mould life if adding oil feeder in the coil feed line, another factor it can increasing and ensure product quality especial long draw products. The third factor is it can keep work place clean prevent lubrication oil sprinkling on press’s bolster and ground etc if without oil feeder. It can paint or roll oil on one surface or both surface of metal strips, so it can reduce mould temperature, prolong mould life, ensure products quality rate and prevent dirty work place.


How many kinds of oil feeder there are? Usually there are two kinds of oil feeder, one is rolling type oil feeder, the other is spraying type.


For rolling type oil feeder, it was made up of two part, one part is fine wool felt roller device, the other part is oil tank or pot.oil tank/pot reserve lubrication oil and feed oil to wool felt roller via plastic tube, roller rotate to roll oil on strips surface. For plastic type oil pot, it has to be fixed 500mm higher than wool felt roller, ensure oil can come to roller at nature weight, for stainless steel tank type, it can add oil pump and solenoid valve in it, it can add oil on strips automatically as there is wire connect between oil feeder to power press’s PLC, power press is running, oil feeder runs to roll oil on strip, on the contrary, power press stops, oil roller will stop automatically.

stainless steel tank type rolling oil feeder


By the way, there is slot to reserve oil at base connect to oil recycle plastic pot, so oil can be repeating used after cleaned and prevent oil dirty ground or power press’s bolster.

plastic pot type rolling oil feeder



For spraying type oil feeder. It was made up of spraying tube with nozzle and oil tank, the oil tank equip with pump, solenoid valve etc, it can spray lubrication oil on strips surface or mould directly synchronously working with power press.

spray type oil feeder