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Components Overview of The Servo Roller Feeder

  • source:coilfeed;
  • Time:11/22/2021

Servo roller feeder is a kind of automatic feeding equipment with high degree of automation and high precision. It can replace traditional manual mode and improve product production efficiency. The Servo roller feeder is designed for the advent of high-tech industry and is controlled by computer closed-circuit feedback. The accuracy is guaranteed within 0.02mm. Servo roller feeder can be combined with precision leveling machine, punching machine and other equipment to form automated production.



1. The automatic leveling part and the Servo roller feeder can be divided into an independent automatic feeder or an integrated equipment for leveling and feeding. It uses a staggered counter-pressure arrangement of leveling rollers to repeat the plates sent from the material rack. The pressure is applied to eliminate the internal bending stress in the coil, so that the material is flattened, and the quality of stamping products is ensured. The type of leveling machine can be selected according to the three characteristics of the material, width, and thickness of the stamping material of the actual punching automatic feeder production line.


2. Feeding part: It is completed by a special servo feeder, and the feed roller is driven by a servo motor to realize a quantitative transfer of materials to the punch. The type of automatic feeder can be selected according to the width, thickness, feeding step, and accuracy requirements of the stamped material in the actual punch automatic feeder production line. The commonly used feeding equipment for the punch automatic feeder production line includes air automatic feeder, roller automatic feeder, There are several types of NC automatic feeder, clamp automatic feeder, and gear automatic feeder.


3. Stamping processing part: It is completed by a special punching machine. The punching machine is equipped with a continuous die, and the plate sent by the automatic feeder is impacted by a strong force to realize the deformation processing of the material. The punch type can be selected according to the characteristics of the stamping process and the efficiency requirements. The punching equipment commonly used in the automatic feeder production line of the punch is an open powerful precision punch, an open double-crank precision punch, a single-point semi-closed precision punch, and a closed double-crank precision punch , Three-circle guide column punch, closed gantry punch, table punch.


The automatic uncoiler and the automatic uncoiler are part of the servo roller feeder, and are also the forefront. The main function is to unwind the roll into a cylindrical shape from the outer periphery and feed it to the subsequent leveler. The type of material rack can be selected according to the material, width, thickness, weight and other specifications of the material stamped by the actual punching automatic feeder production line. The material rack equipment commonly used in v includes heavy material racks, hydraulic heavy material racks, and light material racks. Here is Coilfeed's servo feeder machine for sale, Any interests in our feeder please contact us immediately.