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Coilfeed Earloop Mask Machine Overview

  • source:coilfeed;
  • Time:12/13/2021

Fully Automatic N95 head mask machine is an essential piece of medical equipment. It welds the ear loop of the folded mask with a high-performance alum craft and PLC controlling system. Its design features precision positioning and solid sealing. Its speed can be adjusted to your specific requirement. It is a fully automatic one-process earloop mask machine. It will increase your production efficiency by 2.4 times.


An earloop mask machine consists of a servo motor and a stepper motor drive. This piece of equipment can weld one or three inner and outer ear straps. Its advanced conveyor belt and pulleys ensure the stability and quality of the product. It can also be modified according to the product requirements. Depending on the production order, different models of the earloop mask machine are available. This earloop welding machine uses an ultrasonic principle to weld the earloop and PP non-woven together. The servo motor is controlled by a microprocessor, which makes the whole process fast and accurate. It can meet the FFP1 and N95 standards. Its advanced conveyor belt makes it easy to adjust the length of the earloops to meet different production orders.


Coilfeed N95 face mask machine can be designed to form the earloop on the face mask. A servo motor drives the earloop and cuts it into a required shape. The earloop mask machine can be used for a variety of purposes and reduces labor costs. It can improve production capacity and ensure stability. It also has a travel device that prevents the servo motor from slipping. The earloop mask machine is a fully automatic face mask production machine. It consists of 3 major parts: an auto feeding system, a nose clip metal wire, and earloops rope. The earloop mask machine can also weld the earloop on the face mask. It can reach the FFP1 and N95 standards. Further, the machine has a servo motor and stepper motor, which can be modified according to your product requirements.


An earloop mask machine is an advanced medical surgical face mask manufacturing machine. It consists of 3 major parts: earloop fixing unit and auto-feeding unit. It has a high-speed servo motor and a PLC control. It is an extremely user-friendly machine and offers highly qualified technical assistance. Its aluminum alloy structure is durable and beautiful. It is easy to operate and requires only one person to operate. Further, the fully automatic earloop mask machine is also equipped with a distribution system, so you can have a reliable supply of masks for your customers.