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Coilfeed Decoiler Machine Guidance For Basic Information

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  • Time:11/03/2021

1. What is a decoiler machine?

If you look at the start of the roof coil production line, you will see a detachable part of the roll forming machine which is used to securely attach and release the steel strip.

The decoiler machine, also known as the uncoiler machine, unwinds the steel coil and then feeds the coil into a continuously running machine, such as an automatic roll forming or punching machine. The decoiler machine is suitable for feeding various reel materials, and the decoiler machine can be used in conjunction with the straightening machine.

The decoiler machine is a motorized device that automatically feeds the sheets and adjusts the amount of final material, thus adjusting the total production capacity of the entire line.Some decoiler straightener feeder manufacturer use the models of decoiler machines have a speed control system and automatic or manual rotation capabilities in both directions. The capacity of the decoiler machine is variable. The stop system can be friction or pneumatic.


The decoiler machine and decoiler machine can be used in most roll forming machines, such as:


  • Roof roll forming machine
  • Caping roll forming machine
  • Shade forming machine
  • Folding forming machine
  • Soil roll forming machine
  • Truss forming machine
  • Channel forming machine
  • Ceiling roll forming machine
  • Slitting machine
  • Leveling and cut-to-length machine

2. How does the decoiler machine work ?

The spool will be placed on the decoiler machine winding carriage to be loaded into the mandrel, where it will be unwound to be cut to a certain length or crimped. The winding car moves on the track by a hydraulic motor and reaches the required position. The spool is hydraulically fixed by the mandrel. this

The pneumatic pressure arm presses on the tip of the spool at the start of unwinding. The coil loop is controlled by two photocells and ultrasonic sensors.

3. How to choose a suitable automatic decoiler machine ?

The function of the decoiler machine is to unwind the metal coil, make it flat and cut it into thin slices.

Manufacturers generally don't realize the usefulness of decoiler machines until they realize that, depending on the size of the spool, they can do six to eight or more conversions per day.

Prepare the second spool and wait on the machine. After the first spool is used up, it is not necessary to immediately load the spool with a forklift or crane. decoiler machines play a key role in the rolling environment, especially in large operations where the machine can form parts in 8 hours, reducing plant downtime.

When investing in an decoiler machine, it's important to understand your current specifications and capabilities. However, it is also important to consider the future use of the machine and possible future plans for the roll forming machine. These are all factors that need to be considered as a result and that really help in determining the right decoiler machine.

The decoiler machine manufacturer offers a variety of options to ensure that the profiling process can be

When choosing an decoiler machine / decoiler machine for your production line, there are a few considerations to take into account you can consider.


  • Coil weight
  • Coil ID and OD
  • Coil width
  • Coil thickness (minimum and maximum)
  • Roll speed