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Dongguan HAIWEI 1600 model coil feed and recoiling line for Indian customer

It’s 1600 model coil feed and recoiling line, capable of 0.5-3.0mm thickness, loading capacity of 15T.
Comprise of the coil feeding and recoiling line:
1)15T MT-1600 model heavy decoiler with coil loading car
2)SHL-1600 model precious straightener
3)Stamping press with coil feed device
4)15T RMT-1600 model recoiler with coil loading car

Main feature as follows:

1.15T decoiler and recoiler machine with coil loading car. It equipped with support base and guide rail, so decoiler can move along the rail. Coil loading car is fixed on ground and can lift coil up, decoiler move along the guide rail to insert coil and fix coil on decoiler’s mandrel, advantage of this structure is: it can adjust decoiler’s position so as to convenient to keep the coil feed line in the same center and ensure coil feed line runs smoothly.


2.For 15T recoiler machine. It equip with tightening device which was used to clamp strip tight, so as to recoiler machine can collect strip in coil tightly. Meanwhile, it equip with decoiler, so it can assist operator to unload the coils.


3.For SHL-1600 precious straightener, it equip with 9pcs straightening rollers(upper 5pcs/lower 4pcs)+ 4pcs pinching rollers, moreover, it equip with backup roller set both upper and lower straightening roller sets. All these structures, it can ensure machine have good straightening performance.