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Advantages of 3 in 1 Decoiler Straightener Feeder—Coil Handling System

  • source:coilfeed;
  • Time:11/21/2018

3 in 1 decoiler straightener feeder machine not only combined mechanical part of decoiler, straightener and servo feeder, but combined also all electric control part, hydraulic part, pneumatic part etc. in one control system-PLC. So it has advantages as follows than separated decoiler, straightener and servo feeder machine.

It can accomplish fully automation in the whole coil feed action.
For separated decoiler, straightener and servo feeder, as they have independent electric driven and control device, so it has to operate these machines separately, furthermore, it need at least 2 operators to carry and insert strips to straightener and servo feeder manually, it’s indeed hard to achieve automation. For 3 in 1 machine, the PLC controls decoiler, loading car, straightener feeder part, electrical part, hydraulic part, so it’s fully automatic during the whole feeding action, such as coil car carry and install coil on decoiler’s mandrel, strip payoff from decoiler and come to straightener’s entrance and go through straightener feeder automatically, straightener gap adjust automatically (Electric adjust straightener gap) etc.

coil handling system 3 in 1 decoiler straightener feeder


   Occupy less space.
It save much space than separate type, separated type have to reserve enough space between each machine, as it have to reserve enough loop between each machine so that all one runs in the same speed and synchronously, so separated type need to occupy more space.


  Save labor cost and manpower.
3 in 1 machine just need one operator to operate the blanking line, just need to operate the control box and hand control box, don’t need to adjust mechanical part or just easy adjust. But separated type need at least 2 operators when strip is wide & thick and have to take and insert strips to straightener and feeder manually, so it consumes much manpower.


Easy to operate, do maintenance and solve failure.
Just need to operate the control box panel and 2 set hand control box, it’s easy to master how to operate for new worker. It has self-diagnosis and indicates failure information on main page of HMI, so the operator is easy to find where is the problem in case the machine failed to work. Normal standard separated type machines don’t have such functions.


More optional part can be added in 3 in 1 machine.
It can add electric adjust straightener gap, flip-top device, hydraulic scrap shear, strip end detect device, oil lubrication device etc. It’s a little difficult to add this device in separated type machines.


Safely used by Operators.
It equip more safety ensure device in 3 in 1 machine, such as safety control program and sensor device etc. Machine can stop automatically when there is failure such as mould, power press or even some part of 3 in 1 machine. For example, it equip with electric loop control device and strip end detect device, machine will stop when the loop control device or strip end detect sensor detect there is no strip or strip used up. Furthermore, it can add fence with light curtain or sensor around 3 in 1 machine. Machine will stop automatically when someone opens the fence.