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Advantage Of Servo Feeder And Electric Shears

  • source:coilfeed;
  • Time:11/15/2018

NC Servo feeder machine with shears after use compared to the traditional manual feed shear feed production has the following advantages:


1.cut to length line layout is compact, reasonable, occupying a small space, saving the space for the original sheet material stack and the space for production processing.

2.the high degree of automation and low labor intensity have truly liberated the labor force while saving manpower costs.

sevro feeder and shears

3.high feed accuracy, good quality shear products. NC feed machine uses an electronic control system composed of PLC, touch screen, servo motor, and drive. Its feed drum is precisely driven by a servo motor to achieve feed action, and the feed accuracy is up to 0.05 mm.

4.has the independent adjustment handle for cutting the production line adjustment machine, not only improves the production efficiency but also greatly ensures the safety of the sheer production.

5. the operation is very simple, suitable for the needs of diversified processing. The operation of the automated shear production line only requires simple settings on the touch screen of the NC feed machine, which is fast, convenient, and can set multiple sections according to the needs to meet the needs of diversified and efficient production.


Watch the following cut-to-length line's video, You will further understanding the NC Servo feeder machine with shears some advantages.