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Advantages Of Combination Of a Double-sided Oiler and Servo Roller Feeder

  • source:coilfeed;
  • Time:12/20/2018
We are manufacturer & exporter of NC servo feeder, servo feeder, Nc feeder, etc. Haiwei press feeder machine service and quality will satisfy your need. It has several advantages to use servo roll feeder with a double-sided oiler.
1. Double-sided feeding machine suitable for materials, double-sided can be evenly coated oil; can greatly increase the use of stamping die life.
2. The fuselage structure is strong, easy to install, suitable for various feed machines.
3. The upper and lower rollers have an independent injection mouth; the upper and lower rollers can independently adjust the amount of oil.
4. Oversized felt roller, longer life.
5.New oil supply structure, lubricating oil oozing from inside felt. Grease more evenly.
6. The upper roller can be lifted up to 15mm, more convenient to wear.
7. The lower roller is provided with a back oil tank to save oil consumption.
advantages of servo roller feeder
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