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A. Material

Thickest - Width x Thickness
Thinnest - Width x Thickness
Widest - Width x Thickness
Narrowest - Width x Thickness
Tensile PSI
Yield PSI
Shear PSI

B. Coils

Minimum :
Maximum :
Minimum :
Maximum :

C. Press

Maximum SPM:
Minimum SPM: (Give Minimum SPM at which tonnage can be maintained.)

D. Dies

Maximum :
Minimum :
Maximum :
Minimum :

E. Application

Maximum :
Minimum :
  SPM at Inch Length
  Feet Per Minute

(as you face the press)

Length Width Deep

F. Equipment Desired

1. Servo Feed
2. Straightener
3. Stock Reel
4. Coil Loading Car
5. Coil Cradle
6. Coil Loading Ramp
7. Hold Down Peeler
8. Threading Table
9. Central Control Console
10. Straightener Feeder
11. Straightener Feeder
12. Cradle Straightener Feeder
13. Other - Describe

G. Plant Utilities

  Volts Phase Cycle

Other Conditions

Describe other operating conditions or requirements which would be helpful to the proper application of this equipment (i.e., automation level required, budgetary restrictions, etc.)


Brief Introduction:
3D transfer system were used to produce hardware in large quantity, products need to be processed in several steps, usually need to be banking, deep drawing, bending, piercing, forming etc, especially used in vehicle metal parts producing. Please refer to the following images for reference:
3D Transfer System 10
3D transfer system: machine runs in three-dimensional space: X axis, Y axis and Z axis. It runs 6 action in a circulation: snatch product →upraise →horizontal movement →come down →release work piece →return.

Machine main configurations
1 For mechanical part: It was designed based on process of product and also need to consider no interference to the mould and press etc when at running. It was driven by several servo motor from YASKAWA/PHASE, lead screw and guide way come from HIWIN, TAIWAN, main rod exported from Germany etc.
3D Transfer System 11
2 For electrical and electronic parts: It equip with YASKAWA/phase servo motor driver, BECKHOFF motion control unit, SCHNEIDER low voltage components etc.
3D Transfer System 12
3D Transfer System 13

3D Transfer System 02 3D Transfer System 02
3D Transfer System 03 3D Transfer System 03
3D Transfer System 04 3D Transfer System 04
3D Transfer System 05 3D Transfer System 05
3D Transfer System 06 3D Transfer System 06
3D Transfer System 07 3D Transfer System 07
3D Transfer System 08 3D Transfer System 08
3D Transfer System 09 3D Transfer System 09