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4. Coil Loading Car
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8. Threading Table
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11. Straightener Feeder
12. Cradle Straightener Feeder
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Brief Introduction:
This is a compact stamping press coil feeding line for Canadian client, material Max. width comes 600mm, thickness suitable for 1-6mm, Max. Coil weight comes 5T, feeding speed of 22m/min.

Main feature of the coil feeding line:
1. Decoiler straightener and servo feeder was combined in one machine, occupying less space and separately. It was driven by servo motor and controlled by PLC,
2. For decoiler part.
It equip with 2 set of limit arm device to clamp coil in width direction, especially suitable for very narrow coil, ensuring strips won’t collapse from the coil.
3. For straighten feeder part.
3.1 It adopted ELECTRIC ADJUSTMENT to adjust the gap between upper straightening roller set and lower straightening roller set.
3 In 1 Space Saver Coil Feed Line NCHW3B 02
3.2 It adopted flip-top device, driven by hydraulic cylinder device, machine head can be opened some angles, convenient for operators to clean straightening rollers, especially suitable for Aluminum, brass etc.
3 In 1 Space Saver Coil Feed Line NCHW3B 03
4 Hydraulic shear. It was mainly used to cut coil tip and end, because the coil tip maybe exist weld point, curved etc, it should be cut off preventing damage stamping dies.
5 It equip with double side auto. Lubrication device, comprised oil tank and 2 roller type lubrication device etc. It was mainly used to add oil to upper & lower strip surface, deducing the temperature of the mould and enhancing mould life time.
5.1 For the 2pcs roller lubrication device. The roller was made of fine wool felt. There are a series of nozzles dripping oil on wool felt and then the roller rotate to paint oil on both sides of strips surface.
5.2 For the oil tank. It equip with a set of pump, solenoid valve, flow switch etc. The pump provide power to pump oil to oil lubrication device, flow switch controls the oil quantity flowing from the tank. The solenoid valve control the tank supplying oil to the roller lubrication device automatically, when power press start to runs, it begin to work, on the contrary, it stops as soon as the press stops.
3 In 1 Space Saver Coil Feed Line NCHW3B 04

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