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200 Model Automatic Coil Feeder For Punch Machine

  • source:coilfeed;
  • Time:08/19/2021

A domestic customer have found a new plant to produce stamping hardware products. All necessary equipment are ready after coil feeder machines were installed in punching machine. Each stamping line was comprised of one set power press+ one set 200 model servo feeder+ 1 set 200 model 2 in 1 uncoiler straightener machine, capable of 0.4-3.0mm thickness.






For NCF-200 servo feeder:

1)  It equip with YASKAWA servo motor and servo drive system, MITSUBISHI PLC, WEINVIEW HMI, SCHNIEDER low voltage components such as contactors, breakers etc.

2)  It equip with touch screen type HMI with English main page, it also can switch to Chinese main page, Spanish main page, Portugal language etc. according to actual requirements.

3) It can be mechanical release or pneumatic release available according to actual use. If buyer’s punching machine is flywheel type, it’s better to match mechanical release type servo feeder, on the contrary, if it’s pneumatic press, eighter is ok of mechanical release or pneumatic release.




For 2 in 1 uncoiler straightener:

1) It combine decoiler and straightener in one machine, saving space than independent decoiler and straightener machine. Meanwhile, it’s more convenient to insert strip head into straightener part, too.

2) It adopts 4 manual wheels to adjust straightener gap at the guidance of 2pcs ruler at two side straightener walls. So as to it can achieve better straightener precision.

3) It equip with CE standard electrical and electronic components, such as SCHNIEDER low voltage components, such as contactor, breaker etc.

4) There is OPTIONAL PART available, such as press arm device, inverter, hydraulic expansion device etc.