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1800 Model Coil Feed Laser Cutting Line

  • source:coilfeed;
  • Time:07/14/2022

With the fast developing of metal part processing technology, it’s more and more popular and widely usage of coil feed laser cutting line. As it has the following advantages.



1. Raw material is coils not blanks, coil was payoff by decoiler and feed to laser cutting machine after flat by precision straightener/leveler machine, reducing steps of cut coil to blanks firstly and then take blanks to laser one by one, saving material cost, manpower & material resources, increasing producing efficiency etc.


2. It has great advantages for multi-sizes and small order quantity products of coil feed laser cutting line than blanking line by punch machine with stamping dies. As each size product may need one set mold, it will cost too much for muti-sizes and small order quantity products, for laser machine, it just need to program in the computer and start to produce immediately.


3. It can make several products in one row for laser machine, saving material cost. On the contrary, for blanking line by punch machine with stamping dies, it has to zigzag feeding for punch’s feeder or it has to slit to be required coil to produce one in a row.


4. Comparing to produce by punch machine with stamping dies, product surface flatness is better of laser cutting, improving the utilization efficiency of raw materials.


5. Higher degree of automation, more suitable for long-term continuous processing of workpieces.


Main features of the coil feed line

It’s capable for Max.1800mm width, 15T loading capacity of low carbon steel, galvanized steel etc. and thickness capacity of 0.5-2.0mm. It equips with 15T auto loading car so it’s convenient and automatic to load, carry, lift and install coil to decoiler’s mandrel. Meanwhile, it equips with gantry type mechanical tailstock arm device to hold one end of decoiler’s mandrel, so as to it has enough loading capacity for decoiler.


For 1800 model precision straightener. It’s suitable for material Max. width of 1800mm, thickness capacity of 0.4-2.5mm. It equips with 15pcs straightening rollers (UPPER 7pcs/LOWER 8pcs), roller material is 40Cr, all straightening rollers finished tempering and quenching, hard chrome plated and grind etc., Surface hardness comes HRC58-62°. Moreover, it equips with backup roller device. Upper and lower the straightening roller sets, there are a few assistant rollers set to support the straightening rollers, enhancing the rollers long life time.