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The swing shear cut to length line is composed of the 3-in-1 straightener feeder, the pendulum shearing machine, the conveyor belt and the automatic stacking table. It is widely used in the auto parts blanking industry due to its simple operation, material saving and high shearing accuracy . It is to automatically cut metal coils into square, diamond, trapezoidal and other special-shaped sheets, with a total of two stacking platforms. 

Working method: During automatic production, the stacking trolley moves to the receiving position, and the hydraulic lifting mechanism lifts it to receive the material. The material slips onto the stacking table. When the material falls on the stacking table, the sensor will be triggered to control the action of the flapping cylinder. The frequency of the flapping cylinder can be set in the system. At the same time as the material is accumulated, the cart will gradually descend through the sensor console.


Detailed description of components

1. Introduction of NCHW3-1700B 3 in 1 Uncoiling Straightening Feeder

1.1 12T uncoiler

Function description: Uncoiling is to fix the material on the main shaft of the uncoiler, a support table that supports the inner diameter of the material. While working automatically, the spindle is intermittently uncoiled and uncoiled through the material ring control command. It is equipped with coil diameter detection and controls the uncoiling speed. , to ensure the uniform speed of the uncoiling line and improve the loose material problem.

The components include: telescopic part, pressing arm part, limit wheel part, material ring control part.

Material width: 70-1700mm;

Carrying capacity: 12T

Coil outer diameter: Φ1000mm~Φ1600mm

Hydraulic slider expansion mandrel, spindle expansion range: Φ470-Φ530mm. It can support and extend heavy materials over 12 tons.

Hydraulic tail stock arm unit ; It is used to fix one end of the mandrel main shaft, so that it has enough load capacity of the uncoiler.

Spindle drive motor: AC motor with frequency converter.

Spindle drive mode: frequency conversion gear motor.

Spindle brake: Disc brake.

Spindle unwinding direction: downward unwinding.

Pressure wheel specifications: PU rubber tires.

Press wheel drive mode: AC motor, with frequency converter.

The function of the pressing arm: from cutting off the binding tape that fixes the coil until the head of the coil is pressed by the straightening roller to prevent the coil from rebounding; when the entire feeding line is working, the coil is smoothly uncoiled to prevent the coil from unraveling. The pressing arm is electric and has a tracking function, that is, the rotational speed of the pressing arm roller is exactly the same as the uncoiling line speed, and then the metal belt is tightened to prevent the coil from loosening.

The adjustment method of the pressing wheel: change the encoder feedback adjustment speed by changing the angle of the pressing arm.
Movement mode of pressing arm: driven by hydraulic cylinder, which can be opened or closed manually.

Limiting arm device: Located on the right side of the uncoiler, it can be rotated with any external force to prevent the coil from sliding sideways during pay-off.

Limit wheel movement: The outer limit wheel is driven by the cylinder to open/close, the inner limit wheel does not open/close, but moves along the width of the coil. The manual version of the outer limit wheel can be operated through the touch screen, while the automatic Work, needs to be closed to meet pre-work safety requirements.

Limit wheel surface treatment: high frequency anti-rust.

Material ring control: Through the induction material ring, the infrared photoelectric sensor switch under the pressure arm feeds back the signal to control the start and stop of the main shaft of the uncoiler to ensure that there is enough buffer material ring between the uncoiler and the leveler.

1.2 Loading trolley:

Function description: It is used to smoothly move the coil to the main shaft of the uncoiler, and at the same time as the uncoiler and the material head enter the straightening machine, it is used to support the material head to make it smoothly enter the straightening roller, and the feeding car is equipped with a baffle In order to prevent the coil material from sliding down from the loading car, the hydraulic cylinder of the loading car is lifted, and there is a lateral movement device. The hydraulic motor drives the feeding trolley to move. The loading trolley loads the coils from the material rack and transports them to the uncoiler.

The conveying is realized by a hydraulic motor. Hydraulic oil is delivered by the hydraulic terminal through the oil pipe. The loading material is composed of a V-shaped seat. The V-seat is driven by a hydraulic cylinder. There are two roller bearing materials on the V-shaped seat, the roller will follow the uncoiler, and the driving force is the hydraulic motor chain drive. Its important role is to assist the automatic feeding of the uncoiler to ensure the safety of the operators.

Load capacity: 12T

Loading and moving method: hydraulic motor.

Loading and lifting method: hydraulic method (controlled by pressure-retaining valve, stable and reliable).

Anti-skid plate moving method: manual.

1.3 Straightener-feeder part

Function description: Use the principle of no bending to release the bending stress of the material, straighten the plate, and then feed it into the pressure equipment at the set length and speed.

Curved arm device: The strip head is assisted by the support arm and then pressed down by the pressing arm device, and then the motorized roller feeds the strip forward into the feeder section of the leveler.

Drive mode: AC servo motor + reducer:​ It can also memorize and recall data such as feeding length, feeding speed, part code and so on.​ Straightening-Feed Roller Combination: Straightening Roller; Auxiliary Roller; Feed Roller. Straightening rollers: 9 (upper 5/lower 4).

Support roller device (auxiliary roller): 3 rows up and down, so that the straightening roller has enough strength to level the thickness and high tension material and ensure the straightening accuracy

Feeding rollers: 2 pcs.

Straightening amount display mode: dial display.

Material end detection device. Equipped with an induction device, when the strip is used up and it is detected that there is no strip, the power press stops and the feeding also stops, and then the operator can operate the feeder in manual mode to complete the rest of the stamping work.

Roller material: GCr15. All straightening rolls and feeding rolls are made of high-quality GCr15, and have been quenched and tempered

Roller transmission mode: gear transmission, all gears are tempered, carburized, high frequency quenched, precision ground gear IT6 precision standard.

Feeding accuracy: 0-1000mm, ±0.15mm/m (the mold with pin can reach 0.05mm); 1000mm, ±0.20mm/m.

The length of the discharge pallet: 400-1000mm (can be customized), the length is generally customized according to the requirements of the buyer.


2. Swing scissors

Cutting capacity: 70-1700mm width, 0.5-4.5mm thickness

Swing angle: ±45°

Cutting accuracy: ±0.5mm


3. Conveyor belt and automatic stacking system

It is a PVC belt conveyor for conveying the blanks from the swing shear outlet to the automatic stacking system. The running speed is adjustable because it is equipped with an inverter.

For automatic stacking systems, it is designed for automatic lamination and stacking of blanks.

It can be customized according to blank shape, lamination height, number of stacking tables, etc. or customer requirements.

Lamination height can be 500-1000mm or upon request.