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12T capacity 1500 model zigzag metal circle blanking line for CHINA WOLONG GROUP

It’s a fully automatic metal circle blanking line for WOLONG GROUP producing large size stators and rotors, raw material Max. width comes 1500mm, Max. coil weight comes 12T.

Comprise of the whole blanking line:

1.One set 1500 model ZIGZAG 12T decoiler with coil loading car.
2.One set lift loop bridge.
3.One set 1500 model zigzag STRAIGHTENER FEEDER.
4.One set pneumatic punch machine with blanking mold.

Main feature:

1). Decoiler is zigzag type heavy decoiler swing synchronously with zigzag feeder machine, so as to the loop can swing smoothly without twisting along with zigzag coil feed line. Meanwhile, it equip with gantry type mechanical tailstock arm device to hold mandrel’s one end, enhancing the decoiler having enough loading capacity and durable.

2). It equip with lift bridge which can support metal loop between decoiler and zigzag straightener feeder, moreover, it can lift up so as to guide strip head payoff from decoiler to zigzag straightener, so as to assist operator to insert strip head into zigzag straightener feeder part, saving manpower and ensure safety.

3). For zigzag straightener feeder machine which combined straightener and servo feeder in one machine, straightening and feeding metal strip to power press automatically. It was controlled and operated via the electric cabinet with operation panel, there are several blanking routes reset in the HMI’s main page, it just need to put in product size and blanking quantity in a row, then it can calculate out raw material width and choose suitable blanking route. So It can blank several metal circles in a row, producing efficiency is high and it can save much material, too.