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1-6mm Thickness NCF-600 Servo Feeder Exported to Ireland

  • source:Peter Zhang;
  • Time:12/20/2018

It's a set of customized servo feeder on the basis of client's requirement and actual need and exported to Ireland. Machine main features are follows:

(1) It was designed and manufactured based on European standard: it was all based on Euroean standard both mechanical part and electrical part designing and manufacturing, secuurity level comes IP64. 

(2) It adopt full set of SIEMENS system for servo driven and control system, such as SIEMENS servo motor, servo motor dirve system, PLC, HMI etc.

(3) It equip with SWL(Screw Worm Lift) device to adjust feeder's pass line height. It just need to crank the handle wheel to drive SWL to adjust feeder's pass line, much easier than normal screw rod adjustment.